You know you are meant for so much more and NOW more than ever, you want to help. You are compelled to share and contribute.

Yet, it feels even scarier to do this at this point in time.

There is so much fear and doubt and uncertainty in our world right now and it feels like the sensible thing to do is to hunker down and wait it out.

I encourage you to consider a different alternative.

Consider that NOW is the time more than EVER for you to courageously take a stand for your dream and the people you are meant to help.

You have a dream and you know that dream can make a difference in the lives of so many other people. Yet, a sensible person would say to wait until things settle down a bit before really going for it.

But, when have you ever been sensible?

In fact, the very reason that you tell yourself to not go for your dream is the very reason for you to do it!

The world needs you to live your big, bold dream because it is the way you will make the difference you are created to make.

The good news is, I have been helping people create lives that they love for DECADES!

If you know you are ready to stop struggling and Start Living Everyday the Life You Would Love and Deserve, then listen up, because this invitation is for you.

2022 is here. And now is the time to plan for your best, most powerful, more purposeful year ever.  

Let Me Hand You A Simple, Paint-By-Numbers
Spiritual Success System That Will Do Just That
... And SO Much More!

Join me February 24 - 26 for Your Ultimate Life Now: The Virtual Event.


As I shared above, if you’re like many people I meet, you’ve had a big dream for a year, two or even five years - but you may find it moving about as fast as, well, mud. I get it.
I’ve been you.
Every attempt I made to birth my dream and create an impact fell completely flat. 

Every. Single. Time.

I could make incremental changes, manifest here and there. But, I wasn’t making the quantum leaps I knew was possible and longed for.
Just like I was years ago, you might be in that same (beyond frustrating!) place where your dream keeps calling you to be expressed, but you have no idea where you’ll find the... 


And, it certainly doesn’t help when those around you roll their eyes and judge you for wanting more - or express concern that you’re just not being realistic or practical.
It’s like everything is conspiring AGAINST you and your dream. 

I am here to tell you, that could not be

Further From The Truth

Your desire is actually the Life Source energy wanting MORE for you - not less!

This is why your dream keeps whispering to you and coming back around and around. You are being called to evolve and grow.

Not shrink, be small or limited in any way.

I don’t even have to know you to be fully confident that the dream you have (the one that takes your breath away!) is absolutely achievable.

No matter how huge it is, I already know you are capable and have everything required inside you to make that dream happen.

How can I be so confident, even if we have not met?

Because I’ve had the joy and privilege of witnessing hundreds of people from all different backgrounds do just that.

And YOU are no different to anyone I have had the honor of supporting and serving.

When you decide to join us for the Ultimate Life Now event, you will no longer be the person who is going to be successful.

Instead, you will be in the mindset that you are ALREADY there!

When you shift to that place, suddenly opportunities that your (small) self would have missed or ignored in the past - you find yourself boldly and confidently seizing them!

And when you do this consistently - a year, two years or five years from now - you look up and now you’re saying: “Ohhhh my God! I loooove my LIFE!”

Join me Feb. 24 - 26 for Your Ultimate Life Now, The Virtual Event.

Rave Reviews!

Because all of this is waiting for you at our virtual event on February 24, 25, and 26th.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own.

In The Past You may have...

Put your dream on hold because other people needed you and you didn't want to let them down.

You may have...

Felt like you’ve compartmentalized your work from the rest of your life just to get through the day. You may have... Been working hard on a dream or a initiative for years and although you can see some progress, it’s been slow and arduous.

Join me Feb 24 - 26 for Your Ultimate Life Now, The Virtual Event.

• You have a passion for personal growth and have studied the law of attraction and universal law, but you’re frustrated and can’t find the missing piece to make it work for you.

• You’re intelligent, highly motivated, and deeply committed, taking action even, but then something or someone comes along and distracts you or forces you to hit pause, causing your success to stall out.

• You long for more information and the spiritual perspective on universal law and creating your ultimate life.

• You feel a pressing weight and an emotional toll of not living the life you know you were meant for.

• You’ve got a great life compared to most - yet something is missing. And perhaps feel guilty for wanting more. 

• You feel guilt from not spending more time with your partner and/or kids and you are tired of missing out on important moments in their lives.

• Sometimes you wonder if you should just be grateful, accept the life you have, and move on.

• You have a longing and even have made some progress, but are tired of incremental growth and the extreme effort it’s taken so far.

• You have a good life on the outside, want for nothing, yet, there’s a strong desire for more-purpose, fulfillment, joy, and life.

• You have a dream but have put it on hold because there are so many other things that have been more important (yet now you know it’s your time). 

• You’ve basically made the same amount of money but no real growth over the past several years, and long for greater financial freedom to be able to do, have and give what you really want.

• You long for a deeper spiritual connection in your daily life.

• You have a good vocation but are bored and unfulfilled and want something more meaningful and satisfying.

• You feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, too much to do and your desires get back-burnered. 

• You wake up and feel like you’re catching your breath all day just trying to keep up with the daily demands and can't even really consider what it is you really want.

• You look around and you see people that you love, but may raise an eyebrow or breathe hard when you talk about your dream. They may use words like ‘realistic’ or ‘practical’. 

Then, you HAVE to attend this event!

Join me Feb. 24 - 26 for Your Ultimate Life Now, The Virtual Event.

Testimonial from Amy Greer

This Event Is Perfect For You If You’re Ready To:


STOP putting your dream on hold and live a life you love

Have all the energy, time and motivation you need to joyfully see your dream through to the end. (No more back-burning it year after year).

Strengthen your focus and resilience so that no person or circumstance will ever get in the way of you and your dream... ever!

Feel a deep, spiritual connection and approach to making your dream happen.

Say goodbye to being bored and unfulfilled in your day job... and HELLO to unparalleled freedom and daily joy.

Effortlessly shift your dream out of the mud and get on the easier, faster path to making it happen.


Join me Feb. 24- 26 for Your Ultimate Life Now, The Virtual Event.

•  It’s not for people who are lukewarm about their dream or want an easy fix.

•  It’s not for those who want a solution without them doing the work, which means they don’t get involved or participate. 

•  It’s not for those who don’t want to really engage with a supportive, like minded community. 

•  It’s not for those who don’t have a spiritual base and want to achieve for the sake of achievement or ego. 


8:30 AM - 3:30 PM PST


8:30 AM - 3:30 PM PST

*Special Session Friday evening
4:30-6:00 PM PST


8:00 AM - 1:30 PM PST

Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational coach, international speaker, author, trainer and minister who is passionate about your dream! She has helped thousands create the lives they love!

For over 20 years, Felicia has worked with people from all walks of life, who are seeking the spiritual side of success. As a highly sought after international speaker, she has shared the stage with powerhouse leaders like Mary Morrissey, Sandra Yancey and Les Brown. Her proven method helps folks just like you, accelerate your results as you create a richer, more fulfilling life.

Felicia's purpose is her passion: To empower you to discover and express your best self as you create the life that you love. Your Dream is Her Passion!





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