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Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
The Real Scoop about the Law of Attraction - Felicia Searcy
You have heard about the Law of Attraction. You have even studied it with different people and in different programs. Yet, you seem to have mixed success with it and wonder deep down if it really works.
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The Real Scoop about the Law of Attraction

The Real Scoop about the Law of Attraction

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You have heard about the Law of Attraction. You have even studied it with different people and in different programs. Yet, you seem to have mixed success with it and wonder deep down if it really works. Then even deeper, you find yourself asking, does it really work for you? You want to believe it but it can just seem to far fetched to really swallow it wholeheartedly. What do you do?


Let me dispel 3 myths about the Law of Attraction that will make it easier for you to understand and work with it.


I realized that I was using the Law ineffectively because I believed these things about it. As I changed the way I worked with the Law, my life transformed!

Myth #1- I have a vision board. That’s enough, right?

I often hear from people that they have a vision board and that they even look at their vision board from time to time,  but they just aren’t getting the results they want. You will hear people say, “I have that on my vision board.” That’s just it. It is on their vision board, but not in the person.

Vision boards are wonderful, they just don’t go far enough.  Working with the Law of Attraction requires so much more attention than just looking at images on your vision board a couple of times a day.

Often, people don’t get the results they want because they don’t understand the rigorous discipline that is required with your thinking to really change things. It can’t be a now and then thing.

If you go back to the fundamentals, you will remember that the Law of Attraction is actually a secondary law to the Law of Vibration. We are all energy and we are vibrating at different frequencies. That frequency sets up the attractive force around you. Your vibration will always attract accordingly.

I always have my clients write their visions, first so I can help them write it in a way that really encapsulates what they want. Second, writing their vision help them see themselves as the person living that vision.

Once you have a written vision, you want to work with it consistently every day, every day, everyday!

A key piece of working with the Law in your favor is being able to really see yourself living your dream life at this moment before anything in your world changes. As you see yourself living your dream more and more, you begin to really believe that it is possible. You now relate to yourself as the person who achieves this dream and this then magnetizes the field around you so you can attract those things that match your image. As a result, your life begins to change accordingly.

Visions boards can help with your ability to see your dream but they don’t always go far enough to help you really see yourself as the person living your dream.

Myth #2-If I am really supposed to do this, then it should be easy.

This is just sooooo NOT true many times. I am not saying that it always has to be hard. But, remember that the whole purpose of your dream is to grow you into an even greater version of you. It is the vehicle by which you discover more of who you are and your capabilities.

The very nature of your dream means that you are stepping into unknown territories that are new and uncomfortable for you. You are taking on new roles and taking new steps that you have not done until this point. Which means that things are not going to go perfectly right away. This is why you want a vision that you love so much that you become willing to override any discomfort you have along the way. You actually want something that triggers discomfort because it means you are dreaming beyond anything you have known for yourself up to this point.

Realize that as you put on new activities and roles, you will be awkward and uncomfortable with inconsistent results. This is why you keep coming back to your dream asking if you love it so you are willing to stay with it until your results transform.

Myth #3- I get to decide when I use the Law of Attraction.

You may not actually ever say this.  But, people will often say to me, “I know the Law of Attraction. I used it to manifest my dream home, job, mate (fill in the blank.) When I hear that, I realize that the person is not aware of how the Law really works.

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working! You can’t turn it off. You are always thinking, always relating, always vibrating and always attracting. You can’t turn that function off. That is like saying that sometimes gravity is working and other times it is not.

This means you are either thinking from your vision or from your conditions. That means you are either relating and thereby vibrating from your vision or your current facts. The Invisible Field then organizes according to your predominant thought pattern. You don’t get to not send a signal. You do get to decide what signal you send to the Invisible Field.

As you come to understand this Truth more and more, you become so much more aware and intentional of the images you show in your imagination. Knowing that you are always creating, I encourage you to use this remarkable gift of your imagination to create something that just lights you up! It is the most powerful energy in the Universe and truly our greatest gift.  

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God bless!

– Felicia Searcy

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