Felicia Searcy
Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
Felicia Searcy | Do you never have enough time in the day?
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Do you never have enough time in the day?

Do you never have enough time in the day?


Do you ever get frustrated because it seems like you never have enough time to do the things that really matter to you? How many of us get up, look at our to do list and try to prioritize our tasks only to get to the end of the day frustrated because we didn’t get the things that we said were really important completed.

Well, I invite all of us into the following 30 day experiment. Let’s all commit to planning our day according to our priorities.

Hyrum W Smith Co-Founder of Franklin Covey, Co. says that taking 10-15 minutes each day to just plan our day according to the things we say are important will fundamentally transform our lives.

This takes thought and consideration.

First of all, this means that we have a good overall sense of our values. Then, each day, we take time to identify the tasks that align with our values and our most immediate initiatives.

We ask ourselves, “Who are the people we want to connect with, what activities will forward our initiatives, what is it that we really want to contribute that day and what are the activities that will move our dreams forward the easiest and quickest?”

As we ask these questions, we can then prioritize the activities according to what is important to us. We can see what to say yes to and what to say no to much more clearly. Once we understand our priorities, then we can decide our schedule rather than letting our schedule decide us.

Spend time getting clear about your priorities, the tasks that will move your initiatives forward, the order of importance and act on them according to that order.

As we each do this one simple task each day for the next 30 days, let’s check in with each other to see how differently our days go and the difference we see in our results.

Here’s to living your dream,


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