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Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
Felicia Searcy | How to Discover Your Purpose
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How to Discover Your Purpose

How to Find Your Purpose

How to Discover Your Purpose

This month we have focused on Designing Your Dream, and as part of that process, I want to talk about purpose. You know you have a higher purpose, but you have this gnawing feeling in your heart as you go through your day-to-day routine. You realize that you’re not living to your full potential, and that you have so much more to give. But just the thought of pinning down your purpose leaves you overwhelmed, confused and unfulfilled. In this article, I will share how to discover your true purpose so that you can begin to design a richer, more fulfilling life.

First of all, let’s take a moment and celebrate the fact that you are aware of your moreness. You feel that sense of dissatisfaction, and you are aware that you have a greater purpose. You are tuning into the voice of the Divine. So, let’s shift the focus from frustration to celebration, discover what that purpose, and make it easy to clarify.

I believe there is a Life Force within you always seeking a greater expression by means of you and your dream. But there is also that part of you that will fight like crazy to keep you right where you are. As I shared in my last post, one of the ways that the status quo will try to keep you stuck is by generating confusion. If you can stay confused, you can stay stuck. So decide right now that discovering your purpose is easy. In fact, it’s right under your nose.

Here are three simple steps to help you discover your purpose:


Step 1–Track the times when you felt most alive and note what you were doing

Go back through your life and track times where you felt most alive. You were engaged with activities where you just got lost in time because you were so absorbed. I know personally, when I am teaching or working with another to help them live a life they love, I lose all track of time. It was this way when I taught school and when I served with a minister. When I am teaching or training or working to help someone else realize their best, I get so absorbed that I have to have a clock in order to track time. What is that for you? It may be when you are with friends or in nature or painting or creating a magnificent meal. I have a client who is brilliant at creating beautiful outdoor spaces and she gets so absorbed in that activity. Go back and track those activities. They are a major clue to your purpose.

Step 2–Track the themes from those activities 

Now, look at those activities and notice the themes. My theme is one of helping others realize their potential. Yours may be to bring beauty to our world. It may be that your theme is you bring joy as you lighten people’s heart by your presence. If you love to cook, it may be that you love nourishing people or something as simple as helping people know how loved they are.

Notice if there is any part of you right now that wants to resist this. This is that voice that is afraid of getting it wrong or says you just don’t  matter that much. Right now, stare that voice down and remember who you are and whose you are. You are a divine son or daughter of the very Life Force that set this entire system into motion. You don’t get to not have purpose or diminish your purpose. Your very presence makes a difference in the lives of others because you were designed that way. Know this Truth in this moment and know that I stand with you knowing that for you as well with every fiber of my being.

Step 3–Identify the one or two words that resonate, and live into those for 30 days

As you see the themes, list the words that you see to describe those themes that really resonate and have energy for you. Go through your list and let one or two words speak to you. Again, this is when you cause yourself to override any part of you that wants to get anxious right now. You got this! There are a few words that just light you up. That is your life force speaking to you and it will never steer you wrong. Circle the one or two words and begin to experiment with simply saying to yourself, “My purpose is to bring more beauty to our world, my purpose is to bring more love to the world,” and so on. Let yourself experiment with that purpose for 30 days. Everyday, simply state to yourself your purpose. What is so wonderful about this as the more you own your purpose, the more the Universe will show you ways to fulfill your purpose in a manner that just brings you even more alive.

Here’s the beautiful thing, you can’t get this wrong. As you live into something, it will talk to you more and more. This will help reaffirm that you bring so much good to our world. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, the leader of the Agape International Center in Culver City, California once said to just claim that you are a beneficial presence. As you claim one or two words that really bring you alive and live into those words, watch you arrange your life in ways that really allow you to express these qualities in powerful and transformative ways. It really can be this easy.


Feeling confused and frustrated about your purpose? In summary, here are the three steps to take to discover your dream. Review times when you felt most alive and pay attention to what you were doing. Look for themes in those activities of how you were contributing. Identify words to describe those themes and pick the one or two words that really light you up. Then live into those words for 30 days letting it speak and guide you. And a final bonus step, have fun along this way. This is not meant to be a heavy thing. Living into your purpose is the most joyous thing you can do, so have fun with it.

If you want the deeper training on my proven success formula that I will be sharing in my upcoming masterclass.

It’s my joy to be your partner in believing and discovering your purpose. Your dream is my passion!

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