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Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
Felicia Searcy | Faith as survival part 2
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Faith as survival part 2

Faith as survival part 2

I want to continue with this line of discussion on faith. I find it interesting that we as a species are motivated by self preservation. I would venture to say that all action is motivated out of self preservation or at least it is a concept that I am exploring further. So, right now the prevailing wisdom is that in order to survive, we must fight and protect ourselves from the perceived threat that others around us pose. And in our small reptilian brains, we find ourselves functioning from our primal instinct to fight, flee or freeze.

So, could it be that as we evolved, we come to understand that survival is no longer based on fighting one another or the world. What if  we step back and take an objective view of how we have done things since we stood on two legs and simply notice how it has not brought about the lasting peace and sustainable living that we all long for.  If we are honest with ourselves, we come to realize that we must do something different. That is where it gets really scary. When we feel threatened, our natural instincts for survival takes over.  We want to believe that something better is available to us yet what if we try and it doesn’t work.  We have no real evidence that we can see or refer to that it will work on a grand scale.

Actually, we do have evidence or we can at least conduct an experiment to see if a new way will work.  First of all, let’s redefine survival. For so long, it simply met getting our essential needs met. For centuries, happiness and well-being were not on our human radar. Those were luxuries meant only for kings and queens and other rulers.  The common person was there strictly to meet their needs. Yet, with the dawn of the enlightenment age and advances in science, we began to see that happiness and health and well-being are our natural birthright. In fact, our country, the United States,

Yet, we still believed that we had to fight for it. And fight we did and it worked for the short run. But we have established the pattern that fighting is the only way to protect ourselves.  We have gotten more sophisticated and advanced in our ability to wipe out the enemy so much so that we now have the capability to destroy the world several times over.

The fight is personal and woven into our daily lives without us even knowing it.  Think about the level of competition that drives the world. We fight to win at everything. We see each other as the enemy to be defeated and in the meantime, we lose sight that we are all in this together.

So, what if, instead of seeing peace as an alternative as an altruistic endeavor, we saw it as an act of self survival.  Choosing something other than fighting becomes a selfish act rather than an act of selflessness.

It will take courage to be the first ones to step out in this new paradigm and it may not work right away. But if somebody does not start doing something different we will  end up destroying ourselves as a result.

Back to the experiment. The next time you are in an interaction with someone and you feel the need to fight, flee or freeze, take a deep breath and take your attention down to your heart center. Connect with the power of love in that moment. Shift the way you see the person in front of you, instead of seeing him or her as the enemy, see this person as the reflection of you.  See your struggle reflected back in his or her eyes.  Understand that they are as afraid as you are. Let your heart be softened by this knowledge. If it does not come to you, then pretend you feel this way. What would a person who feels compassion in that moment do? What would this person say in the situation and what would her tone of voice be?  Remember that your survival depends on it. And also remember that we are redefining survival as a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. Try this for a period of time and see if something shifts for you and your quality of life does not change. Let us know here.

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  • MaryEllen Belford

    Felicia, I’ve just found your blog. Thank you! Your posting from Dec 13th, “That which is in us, will save us” resonated strongly with me. (After it made me mad!)Spirit has been very irritating and relentless in her call for me to take a leap forward, and I have been trying to ignore that which I’m being asked to do ….it’s not working very well. And I know that in the end, Spirit will win. She always does, but I’ll save that for more journaling & another blog.

    But, this evening, I keep being drawn back to this one. I’ve read it several times and here are my thoughts.

    When we truly have internalized the truth that there IS no one or NOTHING against us, there WILL be peace on earth. A mighty task! I am drawn to Unity because I believe that in my heart of hearts recognizing the Divinity in ourselves and others is the only way to lasting peace. No where else have I been reminded that I am empowered to create the reality that is my world and being challenged to change what I don’t like.

    I’ve made it a point to engage with people who look different than me, or have had different life experiences, different faiths, cultures, etc. I’ve challenged my own prejudices and asked the hard questions. I’ve gained the insight over time that it’s not “us” against “them”. As you said, we are all in this together, and we are all so much more alike than we are different!

    Being a member of a Transformative Experience Church (Unity of Toledo) is just the icing on the cake for me. It is giving me not only a model for personal transformation but a vehicle to change the world…one error thought at a time, one compassionate act at a time, one little corner of the world at a time.

    Again, thank you for your thought provoking blogs. We are in this together sister and I salute you!

    MaryEllen Belford

    December 15, 2010 at 7:47 am
    • revfelicia

      Hi MaryEllen,
      Thanks so much for your insightful and powerful sharing. I especially appreciate how you are intentionally seeking out those circumstances that challenge your paradigms and prejudices. That is a wonderful example for all of us. We are in this together and it is so heartwarming to travel with such powerful companions.
      Many Blessings

      December 15, 2010 at 8:43 pm

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