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Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
Felicia Searcy | 5 Ways to Breakthrough to Success
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5 Ways to Breakthrough to Success

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5 Ways to Breakthrough to Success

You make a commitment to something that is really important to you, whether it is to lose 10 pounds, call in your soulmate, grow your business or increase your income. You give it your all and things get going. You feel really good. You hit your stride and believe it will be smooth sailing ahead. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, it seems like you come up against this ceiling and no matter how hard you work, it’s not budging. In fact, it even seems like you’re backsliding. This seems to happen over and over again to the point where you wonder if you really want to take the chance on something new. What is going on?

The good news is that there is a solution to what I call the success ceiling–that point where your growth and success seem to come to a halt. I am going to share 5 ways to bust through your success ceiling so you can live the life you would love and deserve.

1–Understand that the success ceiling is literally built into the design

This phenomenon is normal. It is called the rubber band effect and EVERYONE experiences it. It’s when you are unaware of this phenomenon that causes trouble. I spoke to this last week when I addressed ways to build your confidence, and I am repeating it again this week. Understanding this phenomenon is critical to your ability to allow for more freedom and flow in your life.

Remember, as you often hear me say, there is this pull upward, calling you into a much greater dimension of life and you. This is your Life Force ever seeking a richer, freer expression by means of you. As you answer the call for something more by paying attention to your longing and discontent, you are stepping into the process of transformation. Your decision to follow your desire for more is the path of your own transformation.

You notice that as you decide to move forward with something beyond anything you have known for yourself before now, that the part of you that wants to maintain the status quo gets triggered. You literally have a habit for how much good you will let yourself experience. You are biologically wired for whatever level of success you have in your life right now. This is your success set point and no matter how hard you work, if you don’t address this, you won’t achieve the success you want. If you do, it won’t last or you are constantly looking over your shoulder wondering when it is all going to go away.

So even when you do create a wonderful degree of success for yourself, you are never really able to relax and enjoy it because fundamentally, you don’t have a clear understanding of your source. Gay Hendricks, the author of the bestselling, The Big Leap, calls this your upper limit, and everyone has it.

Understanding that this is a very real thing is the first step to busting through your success ceiling. The Universe literally designed it this way because it means you have to really dig deep in order to override it to grow into an even more magnificent version of you!

2–Begin to mentally see yourself living that new level of success 

This month my broadcasts are dedicated to the second step in my success formula, which is to RELATE to your new results. You have a perfect relationship with your current results. In fact, who you are is a perfect match for your results.

You are not a match for your new desire. You begin to grow into the person who makes welcome that new kind of success by literally zipping yourself into the skin of the man or woman who created that degree of success. You begin to use your amazing faculty called your imagination to see yourself as the person who created the kind of success that up to this point, you only dreamed about.

You do this by working with this question, “if this really happened, how would I feel?”

You would feel grateful, joyous, fulfilled. The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to wait until your new success happens to feel that way. In fact, you have this amazing second super power which is your ability to generate your feelings before your facts tell you it’s ok. In fact, it is the way you transform your facts and really learn to relax and enjoy the fruits of your results.

Then ask yourself, “the man or woman who created this level of success, how does that person walk into the room, drive their car, have this conversation?”

As you start to work with those questions, that new you will literally start talking to you and sharing his or her wisdom with you.

Another great way to begin to zip into the person who created this degree of success is by zipping yourself into the skin of someone you admire and is succeeding the way you want to succeed. I have my mentors that I work with and I literally borrow their skin–especially when I am bumping up against something that just wants to baffle me. I ask myself how they would navigate and move through this situation.

3–Rewrite the story you have around success

You have a story about what more success will mean, and it is not an empowering story as you hit that success ceiling. It may be that you tell yourself that if you really let yourself fall in love, you will get lost in that relationship and lose your independence. So you convince yourself that you are happy with your good friends. Or it may be that you tell yourself things like, “money changes people.”

I was working with someone whose dream was to make $25K a year–not because this was what she really wanted, but because she was afraid of who she might become if she made more.

I have had several clients who expressed fear around building their businesses at the expense of their families. They were living in either/or thinking. Together, we created an image where their businesses actually enhanced their family life.

The thing about these hidden resistors is that you don’t need to go digging for them. They will start talking LOUD when you begin to move beyond your set point in your imagination, and into action. As you develop the skill to be able to see the thought process and challenge it by replacing it with a more empowering thought, you literally rewire your brain to a new normal. This then allows you to make welcome more abundance.

4–Normalize the new level of success

Another critical piece to this process is that you want to normalize this new level of success. Clients will often text me when things really begin to pop for them. They share how excited they are. I immediately text back to help them shift that excited energy to that of gratitude, fulfillment or delight.

Excitement suggests that the new success is not normal. Your system literally sees it as an invader, like a foreign object. You want to work with it to help yourself see it as your new normal. So when things start popping, you acknowledge those things and give deep thanks with a recognition that of course these things are happening. This is what you expect. You say to yourself, “this is now my normal and I am so grateful for this normal!”

I remember the first time I generated in a month what I use to do annually. My whole insides just went bonkers. I heard this voice in me saying things like, “it won’t last,” or “what if I don’t pay my taxes? What if I plan my life around this level of success and it all falls apart?” I was so grateful that I had a visit planned with my mentor so that I could ground it. Now that is my normal and beyond. I share that with you to help you see that this process really does work.

5–Know your true source

Bottom line, everything leads to this final step, which is to know your true source. Your source is not whatever may be happening in your outer world. Your source is the one source of all good. It is the very power that woke you up this morning. This power wove you into existence from the very fabric of love itself, and the fact that you are here is your evidence that you are heir to all of the good you could possibly desire.

The deeper you go with your awareness and relationship with this One Power and Source, the more you expect things to work. And the more you are able to make welcome greater and greater degrees of abundance. You receive with such a deep state of reverence and gratitude. You also understand that as you allow yourself to receive greater and greater amounts of good, you are actually bringing a greater and greater degree of service to everyone around you.


You hit the success ceiling and just can’t break through. What do you do? First recognize that this is part of the process. Build a relationship with the person who succeeded at this next level of success, and mentally see yourself as that person. Create a new, empowering story around success. Normalize your new level of success as you achieve it by literally claiming this new normal. Continue to deepen your awareness and relationship with your one true source, knowing that you are always connected to the source of all that is good.

I have full faith and confidence in you, that you will break through to the level of success you desire and deserve. And I take joy in being your partner in believing.

Join me for the next 2 weeks as I shift our FB Live broadcasts to Mondays at 12:15 p.m. PST on June 18 and June 25.

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