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Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
Felicia Searcy | 3 Tips to Push Past Perfectionism to Progress & Results
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3 Tips to Push Past Perfectionism to Progress & Results

Perfectionist Thinking

3 Tips to Push Past Perfectionism to Progress & Results

You are right there, ready to take the big leap on your major initiative. But you know that if you just make a few more last minute adjustments, then everything will be perfect. You keep fine tuning and working to get it just a little bit better, and end up never getting your initiative off the ground. There is always something more you can do to improve. You quickly become stuck in a cycle of perfectionism. Nothing is ever good enough. What do you do?

I want to share three tips on how to push past that debilitating illusion of perfectionism so you can move on to what’s really important and achieve your big goals.

Tip 1–Remind yourself why you want to do this in the first place

Why is your major initiative important to you? That why can get lost in the minutiae of day-to-day tasks. When you keep your reason for doing it front and center, you realize that postponing your start also postpones your ability to really have what it is that you say you want.

Equally important to ask is: who is impacted by your initiative? and who is impacted by your delay? So often we think that we are the only ones affected if we keep putting things off. Remember that a key purpose for your desire is to serve others as you live into what you would love.

I invite you to imagine yourself taking that first action step and starting on your initiative. Then see who is it that benefits from your action, even if it is imperfect. Go back in time and track the people who benefitted from your willingness to step out into a new initiative before you had everything perfect. They gained because of your courage to step out before it was all ready. You can then flip that question around and ask, who suffers because of your delay? Every day that you keep tinkering to try to make it better is a day that someone will go without the unique gift that only you have to offer.

Think about this… When you need everything to be perfect, you are actually saying that the people around you are going to judge you. Being willing to do it imperfectly allows you to hold the people around you in higher esteem because you are not seeing them as judgmental. When you need to have something perfect, it is actually the flip side of arrogance because you are effectively saying that the people around you need it perfect in order to be able to benefit from it. So, let both yourself and them off the hook, and go for it–no matter if your start is messy or clumsy.

Tip 2–Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Learn to do it awkward and afraid. No one is ever ready when they get started with anything. A key piece of creating what you would love is to learn how to be uncomfortable for the sake of growth. It is truly a freeing thing to be able to act imperfectly. That means being willing to jump before you are completely ready. Think of the times in the past when you were successful, and bring to mind the beginnings of that success. Remember how awkward and imperfect you were. Nevertheless, there was something in you that persevered. You kept going to the point where things got so much better. You took what I call massive imperfect action. When you are willing to do that, you move in really remarkable ways.

It can be helpful to view old videos or recordings of people you know who were really successful in their beginning stages. Oprah Winfrey shares her original audition tape for a morning news show in Chicago on her website. It is amazing to see who she was then compared to where she is now, and how far she has come. The great thing about that tape is that you see this woman who, back in 1983, was willing to take an imperfect step. Now look at her!

Tip 3–Know that you are enough

So often perfectionism comes from that deep sense of just not being good enough. When any of us function from that mindset, it will never actually be good enough. This is when you lean even more deeply into the awareness of who you really are. You come to understand that your value is not based on what you do; it is based on the fact that you are here by divine appointment.

When you realize just how loved, cherished and divinely created you are, you also realize that there is nothing for you to prove or negotiate. That knowledge alone allows you to relax and actually have fun with the process. You can then begin to celebrate your awkward, messy moments as evidence that you are out in the field doing it! The more you know how loved you are by the very power that created you, the more willing you are to experiment with doing things imperfectly.


Here are the three steps to push past perfectionism: 1) remember why you want your desire in the first place and who it will impact, 2) learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, realizing that everyone has awkward starts, and 3) remember who you are as a divine son or daughter of the energy of Love itself.

Imagine what it would feel like to move your initiative forward and start seeing real results right now instead of waiting years to get something off the ground. When you are able to push past perfectionism and lean into your own sense of self-worth, there are no limitations to what you can achieve. The art of the start is really not an art at all; it’s simply about taking imperfect action, which will continue to move you closer to your dream life, one step at a time.

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