Felicia Searcy
Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
Felicia Searcy | 10/13/14 – Monday’s Marvelous Motivation Audio – Navigate Your Conditions
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10/13/14 – Monday’s Marvelous Motivation Audio – Navigate Your Conditions

10/13/14 – Monday’s Marvelous Motivation Audio – Navigate Your Conditions

Listen to this week’s MONDAY’S MARVELOUS MOTIVATION Audio and happy Monday.

As your award winning transformational life coach, it is my joy to share this life transforming information with you to help you create the life of your dreams. Your Dream is My Passion.

In this audio, I help you navigate the conditions that threaten to derail your dream. Anytime we begin to think more expansively, there will be situations and circumstances that seem to have the power to stop us in our tracks. In this audio, I give you a very specific process and tools to help you have conditions so they don’t have you. I remind you that there is that in you, that is bigger than any condition.

I would love to hear your thoughts and take always. Share them on my Facebook page or leave a comment below.

And if you found this valuable, then by all means, share it with you friends and loved ones.

Here’s to living from the dream!

Award Winning Transformational Life Coach
Author “Do Greater Things: Following in Jesus’ Footsteps”
Founder and operator, Felicia Searcy Results Expert, Inc

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  • Good Morning Felicia,
    I titled this Three Year Plan
    1. I will be living in a house with a garage
    2. I will be living with someone I deeply love and she is my counterpart helping me to grow in new exciting wats.
    3. I have enough money to play music and enjoy spending time away from work.
    4.I have a relationship to money that allows me the freedom to travel and know that I will always have enough.
    5.I am living a life that makes sense because I know my purpose and what to do next.
    6. I see life`s challenges as opportunities and not something to fear.
    7.I understand the feelings that well up inside of me that make me want to cry and I am not afraid.
    8.I talk about my experiences because I know that it will be a contribution to others.
    9.I am someone that live life every moment with courage and conviction. I see the lesson and I am grateful.
    10.I am someone that believes getting it right is over rated and I just do it.
    By the way my life would be more exciting if this was my 6 month plan.

    October 15, 2014 at 9:27 am

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