Yes! God wants you to have your dream.

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I recently had a conversation with someone who shared this amazing dream. Then, with tears in her eyes, she asked if I thought God wanted her to have that dream. My heart just went out to her with the poignancy of that question.

My answer to her was a resounding YES, as it is to you!

In this video (I know, its shaky. I was in a hotel and wanted to capture it right then.) I share with you why God wants you to have your dream. You may think that your dream is your prayer to God. Think again, it is actually God’s prayer to you.

Share you dream on my blog or Facebook page so we can all be inspired.

Here’s to your dream!


P.S. Know anyone who is going to be in the Hartford, CT area this week? If so, invite them to join me at anyone of 3 events I have in that area. Check out my website for the exact locations and times.

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