What Does Loving Yourself Have To Do With Your Dream?

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Have you made your list for Valentine’s yet? Did you put yourself on the list?

This month, we celebrate love. It is the month where we consciously choose to express love to the people that matter most to us.

As we acknowledge our loved ones, ask “How much love do you give yourself?”  This is the perfect month to turn up the dial on your self love.

In this video, I share why it is important for you to grow deeper and deeper in love with yourself and share something you can do to increase your self love.

Here’s a hint, the degree to which you love yourself is the degree that you will let the Universe love you and in order to live your dream, you want both!

Share your insights here in the comment section or on my Facebook page so you can inspire others to express more self love.

Here’s to your dream,


P.S. Know someone else who can use more self love? By all means share this with them.

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