Felicia Searcy
Felicia Searcy is an award winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Felicia's life is about empowering and inspiring you to live your dream life. Your dream is her passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience as they learn and apply the system she shares – and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want to live your dream life!
Felicia Searcy | Previously Recorded Calls – Life Mastery
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Previously Recorded Calls – Life Mastery

Life Mastery Teaching Archives

April 2018: Love

Call DateDescriptionAudioVideoNuggets
Week 1 As we begin the month of love, I encourage you to work with the affirmation, "My life is Love made manifest." As you make a commit to love the Source of all life, you commit to creating a life you love as a way to bear witness to this Life Force. You learn that as you love yourself, you truly love others and allow more love to express through you.
Week 2

March 2018: Manifestation

Call DateDescriptionAudioVideoNuggets
Week 1 This month is Mastery in Manifestation. Manifestation is the process of bringing an idea into form. The 2 phases for manifestation are desire and expectation. As you fan your desire, you work with building your expectation that in fact your desire will materialize. It makes no sense to have a desire
Week 2Your dream requires a solid decision. You make the initial decision, then you make daily decisions based on your actions. Your actions reflect your belief and expectation in your dream.
Week 3There is a 5 step process by which you can maintain "state" even when the facts have not caught up. The process is: 1. Build faith and understanding of the laws, 2. Separate fact from Truth 3. Don't wait to love your life, love it now, 4. Unfreeze the facts, 5. create a plan of action.

February 2018: Abundance

Call DateDescriptionAudioVideoNuggets
Week 1 This month we are working with the question, "Would it be ok if you were more abundant. During this training, we looked at desire as a key ingredient for allowing more abundance in your life. In order to allow a greater degree of abundance, you must move your want to a must!
Week 2 This week Life Mastery was hosted by Special Guest Cyn Hannah, who shared her incredible story of loss and triumph. It was an incredible call that, unfortunately, was not recorded. Hope you were there to experience it!
Week 3This week's pre-recorded teaching continues in the month of Abundance
Week 4Energy flows where attention goes. Gratitude is the rocket fuel to accelerate your progress toward your dream as you place your attention on the things that are working as the evidence of a Creative Intelligence at work in your life.

January 2018: Health and Wellbeing

Call DateDescriptionAudioVideoNuggets
Week 1 This month we begin mastery in health and well being. As you deepen your awareness of the body as the Universe's work of art, you come to honor and revere it, treating it in ways that vibrancy is normal.
Week 2 Accidentally missed the record button on this week's call, so I offer a recording from a previous year's call the is centered on health, and listening to your body. Luckily, we are able to offer you notes and Golden Nuggets for the actual call on 1/9/18. Thanks for understanding, and hope you enjoy!
Week 3 We give a great deal of attention to our food diet. On this call, I invite you to consider the vital importance of your mental diet as we walk through the "7 Day Mental Diet" by Emmet Fox.
Week 4 Mastery in Abundance-Spend time asking the question, "Would it be ok if I were more abundant?" Listen as old patterns of lack and limitation in whatever form surface and replace them with empowering thoughts that match who you are becoming as the person living your dream!

December 2017: Intention

Call DateDescriptionAudioVideoNuggets
Week 1 We began the month of Mastery in Intention by asking the question, "What does Life intend for me?" The more you become aware of just how magnificently created you are and your remarkable gift to create, you realize that life's intention for you is one of abundance, wealth, fulfillment and love.
Week 2 As we continue mastery in Intention, you are learning to direct your attention to that which expands you and your dream. One your most powerful tools is your ability to notice what you are noticing. This week, cause yourself to notice those things that are evidence of your dream unfolding and that are expansive.
Week 3 In tonight's call, you learned about the power of decision to really move your intention forward. As you fall in love with your dream, you stay even more committed and decided for it.

November 2017: Transformation

Call DateDescriptionAudioVideoNuggets
Week 1 The very nature of your dream means that something in your life will be disrupted. There are structures that have served you well to this point that will no longer serve you as the person living your dream. The more you trust the process of disintegrating structures, the less you will hang on to the old and trust the new that is seeking to be formed. This then accelerates and amplifies your dream!
Week 2 Continuing in Transformation
Week 3 On this call you learn how to transform fear as it is a player in your life when building your dream.
Steps: Make a date with your doubt
Keep that date
Let the fear talk
Then ask these questions:Is it happening right now. If is happens will my God and I be able to handle it? What if my dream really could come true and more?
Bring your vision to mind
Then ground it all in an action step by asking, "What action would I take right now if I knew this was happening?
Have fun!
Week 4Your dream is like moving to a new country with its own customs and culture and passport. You work is to get to know the culture of your new dream country as you let go of your current identity. 2 Questions to work with this week:
1. What are phrases that you would not hear in your new dream country and what are phrases you would hear?
2. What is one custom that you will adopt as a citizen of your dream country?

October 2017: Love

Call DateDescriptionAudioVideoNuggets
Week 1 Beginning in Mastering Love
Week 2 On this call, you learned the process of being present for someone who may not be showing up in a highly skilled way. As you decide who you want to be as the person living your dream life in the area of relationships, you realize that no one has the power to cause you to feel or be a certain way.
Week 3 On this call, I helped you understand the importance of forgiveness as a necessary step for your dream and walk you through the process.Couple of resources I encourage you to avail yourself to as you go through the forgiveness process. First, I was interviewed by eWomen about my forgiveness process and that interview is on the Facebook page.Then, listen to lesson 7 in Fundamentals on forgiveness.Finally, listen to the Love meditation #3 which is on forgiveness daily this week.
Week 4On this call, I walked you through a process of expanding your container for good. I also encouraged you to work with 2 questions:

1. What does love want for me here?

2. What would love do here?
Week 5Tonight we had a bonus night of love as I walked you through loving the unloveable as a necessary element of living your dream.

3 step process of loving the unloveable:

1. Remember who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience.

2. Realize that there is good in every situation and take a stand for that good whether it is in you or in another.

3. Be who you know yourself to be regardless of how anyone else is showing up.