Honoring My Dad

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Last week, I got the news that my dad is failing. His medical team shared that he probably has about six months left to live.

I share this deeply personal experience with you because it is our universal reminder that this time on this earth plane is truly finite. We think we have all of the time in the world to live our dream so we let other things distract us or delay us from pursuing what is really important.

The Truth is that this time does come to an end. As I walk these final months with my father, I invite all of us to deepen our respect for the impermanent nature of life as we deeper our commitment to living the life we are meant to live, a life of rich abundance, fulfillment and contribution, in other words, a life that we love.


Here’s to living your dream life,


P.S. Know someone else who wants to live their dream life? By all means, do them a favor and share this information with them. 

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