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It is my delight to recommend Felicia Searcy for any speaking or seminar needs that you may have. I have been honored to train, coach and mentor Felicia over the past several years and I have watched her grow from being a good speaker to being a world class presenter. Because of her command, understanding and demonstration of life success principles, she is able to explain our teaching in simple, practical terms without compromising depth or meaning. Her joy and ease of presence captures her audience’s attention and her passion keeps them engaged as they build their belief in their power and possibility to truly create the life they love living. She provides each participant with simple, yet highly effective tools to implement immediately so they can begin to see results right away. I rarely give an endorsement of this magnitude. Your community will Thank You for bringing the gift of Felicia to your community.” Mary Manin Morrissey, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist

When was the last time your workshop attendees gave 75% MORE than the suggested fee? Our congregation was delighted with Rev. Felicia as Sunday speaker and workshop presenter. The workshop participants said the time went so quickly. Best of all, they were transformed and were lit-up to make easy, doable, positive changes in their lives. Rev. Felicia has a clear, transformative, powerful, engaging, heartfelt message to move your church or organization forward. She is a loving, joyful, radiant presence of the abundant spirit of God.” – Rev. Susan EngPoole, Senior Minister, Unity of Louisville

Dear Felicia, I am very happy to find a book such as yours that helps us to accept and demonstrate our divine potential as Jesus, our way-shower, would have us do. Your words contain deep wisdom and provocative concepts that people will want to contemplate extensively, yet reading your book is a gentle experience for the mind and Spirit. Your ordered presentation of key ideas builds understanding and confidence in the reader, inspiring us to raise the bar of possibility thinking and to demonstrate greater good for ourselves and others. You are a very clear teacher and gifted communicator. Without a doubt, your message of Do Greater Things is timely for us as individuals and as a planetary society poised for great change.” – Rev. Donna Johnson, Unity of Fairfax, VA

Felicia Searcy has been such an inspiration and has empowered many of our small business clients to thrive get out there, live their dream and find that success key that is within.  Thank you Felicia for your motivation and insight to our small business owners.  Thank you for sharing, we are blessed.” – Ivette Rios, Small Business Specialist, Tennessee Small Business Development Center, Chattanooga State Community College

Rev. Felicia Searcy is one of the most inspirational speakers I have heard in a long time! Even though I was sitting toward the back, I felt she was speaking to me and only me! Not only was it her content, but it was her passion and caring that reached out and touched me. As a coach myself I was truly inspired by Felicia and aspire to the bar she has set in touching the lives of so many through this amazing work.” – Christi Corradi, Santa Rosa, CA

Rev. Searcy was featured in the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal. Read the full article: www.dnj.com

Rev. Searcy is the next Eric Butterworth!”  – Dr. Charlotte Shelton, CEO Unity School of Christianity

If you read only one book this year, Do Greater Things should be it! I am getting a copy for each of my family members and friends.” – Vickie L. Citter

Reverend Felicia Searcy is one of those individuals that truly lights up a room with her energy and presence.  A gifted presenter, I highly recommend her for your Sunday services, special events, and conferences.  My congregation was moved by her ability to teach truth principles in such a precise and loving manner that they have said to me that anytime I go away, would I please bring her back!  She is a true spiritual seeker and finder of truth, as well as a highly acclaimed author.  She and I have watched one another grow into our ministries since our time at Unity School and I am so proud of this remarkable woman and the work that she joyfully shares with the world.” – Rev. Jamie Sanders, Pensacola, Florida

You have such a loving and powerful presence that radiated from the moment you walked in our doors. It is clear you know yourself and your purpose. The Sunday talk and meditation was a delight — a strong message, practical tips, humor, and stories. It felt like a “wake up call” that was inspiring and relevent. You have a warm personal style that connect with both the mind and heart. The Creating Wealth workshop was even more than I expected from our consultation discussion. I know everyone received the ideas and tools they needed to live a more spiritual and abundant life. For some of our members, it gave them a way to turn around some challenges they are experiencing. It is rewarding to see people with the spark of hope alive in their eyes again. You have a powerful ministry that is making a difference! We are grateful that you shared that with us.” – Rev. Darby Neptune, Senior Minister, Unity of Panama City

Rev Felicia Searcy offers us a spiritual revolution in a book, but one we can handle in our everyday lives. With approachability, warmth, and boldness she explores how to unleash our magnificent birthright with simple practices. I felt more powerful with every sentence, more in love with mankind, and more excited to have my own deep relationship with the sane and loving God in the pages of this book.” – Tama J. Kieves, bestselling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!) www.ThisTimeIDance.com

Felicia’s clarity and authenticity resound boldly through her words as well as her silence. She asks powerful questions, then waits in confident silence for the responses. She opens a potent space for growth and insight on the part of her students and clients, nudging them gently but firmly to ever-higher expressions of their inner greatness. Her teaching style is informative and provocative as she shares ideas and presents exercises that lead to participants’ deeper understanding and more effective action in her workshops. I heartily endorse Felicia as a speaker, coach and workshop presenter.” – Brenda Strickland, Atlanta, GA

I sought out Felicia Searcy’s prosperity coaching because while I had achieved financial success in my life, it had come through hard work and long hours with a tremendous cost to my health, personal relationships and happiness. Her extensive study of the laws of success gave me confidence that she could help me apply these principles to create the whole, rich, satisfying life of my dreams. Working with Felicia for just two months has changed my life! I am now generating a six figure income from part-time work. I am now improving my health. With regular exercise and healthy eating, I am steadily releasing excess weight that for the past decade wouldn’t budge. I can’t wait to see all that will unfold over a year of working together. Felicia, thank you from the bottom of my heart!.” – Francine Maas-Nashville

Rev. Felicia is an absolute delight! She captivates the audience with her ease and expertise of communicating spiritual principles. She is one of my favorite speakers…well, and humans, for that matter! Our congregation loved her and we hardly had room for all the students that wanted to participate in her workshop. We totally bless and endorse her for all!! She is fabulous!” – Rev. Dyann Woody, Music City Center For Spiritual Living

Jesus never says, ‘Worship me.’ He regularly says, ‘Follow me.’ But how? Reverend Searcy has written a book that unlocks the path and unleashes the power of being a true follower of Christ. Based on her own deep spiritual inquiry she has ‘cleared a highway for the Lord’ and all those who wish to follow him. This is a book to read and practiced.” – Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Recovery, the Sacred Art

Felicia, Thank you for the Sunday service message and afternoon workshop. Your no-nonsense, clear and heartfelt teaching and presence makes the difference for opening hearts and minds to evolving consciousness.” – Margaret Hiller, Spiritual Leader, Unity Christ Church Myrtle Beach, SC

Felicia is a profound Speaker, Trainer and Coach. She has transformed the life I once knew into a stream of constant success. She taps into her ability to serve as a catalyst, propelling others to action – helping them to move from a point of just hoping to a point of achieving, making her a real expert as a Results Agent. She has been an inspiration to me through her practical tools and principles. Her ability to accelerate my path success has given me a level of satisfaction and results I could had as mere possibilities. My life is lived according to my vision and no longer driven by the market or conditions that felt insurmountable. Felicia has made a significant different not only in my business but in my life.” – Jane M Powers, Real Estate Agent, Phoenix, AZ

Felicia: I just wanted to let you know that you were such a blessing to UCPL on Sunday morning and afternoon. I was soo moved by your talk and your workshop. It was a dynamically delicious day! I see you as an amazing minister, facilitator, teacher, coach.” – Rev. Denise Yeargin Unity Church for Positive Living

I have known Felicia Searcy for several years now and have been captured by her presence and her presentation(s). She is clear, professional, precise and entertaining in sharing her knowledge of creating possibilities in Life. She is well spoken, organized and passionate in her focus of shifting the mundane to the magnificent. Felicia is a wonderful teacher as well as presenter and I recommend her for groups of 2 to 2,000 participants.” – Marilyn J. Macha, Managing Partner, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, CMFC


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